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ADVANCE has been producing the highest quality and innovative harness designs since 1988.

The Advance harness range covers everything from entry level to competition and light weight hiking. The LIGHTNESS pod style harness is by far the worlds #1 selling pod XC harness.  They are all re-known for being of the highest quality, comfort, design, ergonomics, style and durability.

The prices on Advance harness are also amongst the lowest on the market despite them being the highest quality and innovative design - why ? Because Advance is one of only 2 glider manufacturers that actually designs and produces their own harness's - the rest have theirs contract made in China or Eastern europe or have harness's re-badged as their own !

Just like the gliders, they are the result of lengthy research and design process by the world best pilots and designers. You, the pilot, are sitting right there with World Champions, X-Alps Winners and World Record holders when flying Advance harness's ! All are created by unique 3D design software giving them the most efficient, aerodynamic and homogenous look on the market !

Models in the range cover all types of flying from Hike and Fly (EASINESS3), lighter weight reversible (PROGRESS 3), general flying (SUCCESS 5 and AXESS 5) and XC/Comp (LIGHTNESS 3 & IMPRESS 4).

Please note all prices incluide delivery and are indicative only, subject to change due to currency fluctuation - for an updated price please contact Godfrey

Advance Paragliding Harness's   AXESS 5   RRP AUD$1490 (inc delivery) New Model ! The only 5 star protection lighter weight harness ! In Stock sizes M & L. Size S on request.

The AXESS 5 is new 2023 model in the well known Axess series. A very light and extremely comfortable compact open style harness with a totally new concept integrated self inflating air style back protector. Unlike an "AirBag", the Patented AirCell does NOT require airspeed to inflate and provide protection. The Axess5 also features the innovative visco-elastic German SAS-Tec protection plates of the Success5 along the whole back section and in the pelvis area. This gives the Axess5 the best protection in weight/volume terms on the market. Sizes S, M and L weigh only 4.0, 4.2, 4.4kgs ! For pilots 155 - 202cms tall.

The Axess series is first and only non-foam protector style harness to achieve a 5 star rating !!!

This product is suitable for everyday use as well as for Hike & Fly and travel. The innovative Aircell provides a full level of protection at takeoff because the aircell does not need external airflow like the old style "airbags" - no other harness has this new Advance system and it provides full 100% protection immediately, not just after 30 seconds of flying like the old "airbags".

This LTF/EN certified light harness comes with an integral reserve pocket, carbon fibre seat board and Advance twist lock automatic carabiners. It is without a doubt the BEST harness on the market today for those wishing to minimise weight and pack volume whilst retaining, and not compromising, maximum back protection and flying comfort.

The Axcess series has made ALL other light weight harness's with compromised back protection obsolete !

Comes delivered with : Carabiners, Carbon Fiber Speed Bar set (with lines and clips), reserve deployment bag and handle.


 Advance Axess 4 paragliding harness aircell

AXESS 5 Technical information click here.

Advance Paragliding Harness's      PROGRESS 3  RRP AUD$1690 (inc delivery)  Design excellence in a reversible harness- In Stock sizes M and L.Size S on request.

The PROGRESS series is the first and only reversible harness to achieve a DHV/LTF 5 star back protection rating. It uses Advances patented Aircell back protection as featured in the AXESS 5. 

Only 3.5 kg light, no seatboard, built-in reserve provision and LTF certified aircell - the PROGRESS 3’s unique features make it the perfect all round solution for beginners, leisure pilots, travellers and Hike & Fly pilots alike. The PROGRESS 3 is the lightest reversible harness with built-in reserve and is easily the best looking in the category thanks to Advances unique 3D design. But we’re not talking compromised light harnesses here; the pilot does not have to worry about robustness and longevity. Even the outside of the rucksack is made from the same trusted Oxford fabric as the COMFORTPACK. Minimal weight is achieved by sophisticated seatboardless design.

Comes delivered with: Carabiners, glider compress bag, Carbon Fiber Speed Bar set (with lines and clips), reserve deployment bag and handle.

Advance Progress3 reversible hike and fly paragliding harness Advance Progress 3 reversible hike and fly paragliding harness 

Advance Progress 3 reversible hike and fly paragliding harness Advance Progress3 reversible paragliding harness back protection aircell 

PROGRESS 3 Technical information:  click here!

Advance Paragliding Harness's      BOUNDLESS  RRP AUD$1890 (inc delivery)  NEW 2023 Model and NEW Concept Design - a seatboard in a reversible harness !! In Stock sizes S, M and L

The new concept BOUNDLESS is the first of its kind and only reversible harness with a seatboard.  It has a DHV/LTF 5 star back protection rating. It uses Advances patented Aircell back protection as featured in the PROGRESS 3 and AXESS 5. 

It comes in 3 sizes for pilots from 155 - 202cms tall, and weighs from 3.8 - 4.1 kgs inc the integrated backpack, seatboard, built-in reserve provision and LTF certified aircell.

The BOUNDLESS's unique features make it the perfect all round solution for beginners, leisure pilots, travellers and Hike & Fly pilots alike. The BOUNDLESS is the only reversible harness with a seatboard, features a built-in reserve compartment and uses Advances unique 3D design to create a clean visual shape.

Comes delivered with : carabiners, seatboard, carbon fiber speed bar set (with lines and clips), reserve deployment bag and handle.

 Advance Progress3 reversible paragliding harness back protection aircell 

BOUNDLESS Technical information:  Click Here!

Advance Paragliding Harness's   SUCCESS 5   RRP AUD$1990 (inc delivery)  Fully featured yet light weight and 5+ star protection. In Stock sizes S.M & L.

The SUCCESS 5 is the latest model in the premium Success series. It uses Advances unique 3D design system for panel shaping and ergonomic's second to none. It is a light, comfortable all round harness for all recreational and leisure pilots.

Sophisticated ergonomic geometry and a multitude of adjustment options provides excellent comfort in flight. It is easy to slide in/out of hang position for all body shapes and sizes from small 45kgs pilots right up to 130kgs and 200cms+. The moving seatboard geometry unique to all Advance harness designs since 1988 allow a non-body pressured reclined position when using the speed bar or an optional stirrup.

The newly-conceived dual-chamber foam protector and upper back foam system provides the best possible level of protection and passive safety and it is ranked at the very top of the DHV back protection certification results with a 5 star result. The unique use of premium visco-elastic SAS-Tec panels in the hip area give's superior protection for side impacts yet don't effect weight and pack volume nor harness/pilot maneuverability. The Advance innovation "H" style leg/chest strap set up is simple and provides a safety aspect to ensure leg loops are done up.

New construction methods, 3D design and hi-tech premium materials have resulted in a lighter weight than ever before for such a fully featured harness. The S, M and L weigh only 3.90, 4.00 and 4.20 kgs !

Comes delivered with : Carabiners, Carbon Fiber Speed Bar set (with lines and clips) and reserve deployment bag and handle.


Advance Success 4 paragliding harness back protection

SUCCESS 5 Technical information click here.

Advance Paragliding Harness's   LIGHTNESS 4 RRP estimate AUD$2990 (inc delivery)  Latest version of the worlds #1 selling pod harness series - due in June ! 

The bespoke ADVANCE LIGHTNESS 4 is a light weight yet fully featured pod harness of the newest generation. 

Like the LIGHTNESS 3, only better: the successor of the pod harness classic offers even more comfort, easier handling and a sportier look. The fourth generation of the all-round pod harness remains the perfect companion for long and relaxed cross-country flights.

Full 3D design, 3.47kgs (size M), integrated reserve, certified back protection with SAS-TEC plates, aerodynamic cockpit with innovative windshield. hookknife, and aerodynamic rear fairing.

Lightness 4 comes delivered with its own Lightpack DLS (choose between 83L or 91L). The Windshield is also delivered as standard.

LIGHTNESS 4 More info here : Click here !

Advance Paragliding Harness's   IMPRESS 4 RRP AUD$3850 (inc delivery) The long awaited successor to the famous Impress series - the worlds best high end pod harness ! 

The IMPRESS 4 is the flagship of the Advance harness family. It is the first fully-equipped cross country harness with an aerodynamically optimised tail spoiler which will fit in any normal paraglider rucksack. This High-End product is more comfortable and sophisticated than ever before – intended for leisure cross country use right up to the cross country champion and competition pilot.

Full 3D design : 6.6kgs (size M), small pack volume, integrated reserve, certified back protection with SAS-TEC plates and aerodynamic cockpit with innovative new windshield. It is delivered with a 130L Comfortpack3. 

Choices : The harness can be flown with and without a seatboard so pilots can choose their preference. The reserve can be mounted for left or right side delpoyment. There is also a anti-G chute pocket.

The aerodynamic tail spoiler is a high tech design yet simple in construction and retains its shape in all conditions. 

The Innovative and unique design means the harness can back into a regular backpack along with the glider.. unlike every other high end harness on the market !

 Advance Impress 4 paragliding harness

Advance Impress 4 paragliding harness Advance Impress 4 paragliding harness 

IMPRESS 4 more information : Click Here !

Advance Paragliding Harness's   WEIGHTLESS RRP AUD$2590 (inc delivery)  Coming direct from the X-Alps winnning pilots to you. The all new highly innovative ultralight weight pod harness for hike and fly.

The WEIGHTLESS has been developed for X-Alps athletes and specially upgraded for weight-conscious cross country pilots. The WEIGHTLESS is therefore the perfect harness component for ambitious Hike to XC and VolBiv projects, as well as serious competition. Its special qualities include minimal weight, comprehensive usefulness and great comfort. 

The WEIGHTLESS accepts no compromise in the safety and comfort department despite its only 1.9kgs weight! This harness has a built-in reserve and the protector has an easy handling as it needs no inflating before flight. The WEIGHTLESS has useful and practical adjustments as well as an ingenious cockpit.

It features an aerodynamic design, built in reserve compartment, interchangeable speed bag and an ultralight cockpit

The secret to the design lies in the fact that the WEIGHTLESS backpack is stowed in the protector compartment, and thus becomes part of the protector. This unique feature not only results in weight saving, but also significantly reduces the packed volume. In addition, the storage compartment in the harness back remains available because the backpack does not have to be stowed in it. The new LIGHTPACK becomes an integral part of the harness.

For more technical information : Click Here !

Advance Paragliding Harness's   EASINESS 3 RRP AUD$1390 (inc delivery) Light weight Hike and Fly reversible harness. NEW MODEL !

EASINESS 3 is an totally new design extremely light and very comfortable reversible harness. 

The 3 sizes of the new model light harness/rucksack fits pilots of heights between 155cm – 202cm, and is best suited to Hike & Fly pilots, leisure flyers, travellers and bivouac flyers. Thanks to high grade light materials and a strikingly simple concept the reversible harness weighs  2.4kgs (size M) inc the backprotection and carabiners. The harness has the well-tried, two buckle, ADVANCE chest and leg strap closure system. Comes with soft speed system.

Advance Easiness 3 paragliding harness hike and fly reversible  Advance Easiness 3 paragliding harness hike and fly reversible Advance Easiness 3 paragliding harness hike and fly reversible


For more technical information : Click Here !

Advance Paragliding Harness's   BI-PRO 4 RRP AUD$1690 (inc delivery) Light weight tandem pilot harness - the best design on the market and the #1 choice of professional pilots !

The BiPRO 4 is an totally new design tandem pilot harness unlike any other on the market. It comes in 2 sizes (M & L) is extremely light at 2.6kgs (size M), packs small and offers great comfort. 

The harness was designed with the needs of professional pilots in mind. It features a unique folding full 5 star foam backprotection for easy packing. There is also a handy inbuilt selfie stick holder and split legs with wide pads for comfort.

Advance offers a variety of spreaders for passenger connection to cover every requirement:

Soft Basic ($155), Soft Trimmer ($210), Carbon Fibre Hybrid Hard ($275)


The BiPax2 shown below is the perfect match for the BiPro4

 Bi-PRO 4 more information : Click Here !

Advance Paragliding Harness's   BI-PAX 2 RRP AUD$950 (inc delivery) NEW !!! Light weight compact tandem passesnger harness 

The BiPax harness is a innovative totally new design especially for tandem passengers. It comes in one size fits all (155-202cms) and offers simplicty and safety with its fixed closures. The passenger steps into the harness.

The harness weights just 1.8kgs and has a 5 star air-cell back protection system like the Axess4 and Progress3. It was designed with the needs of professional pilots in mind and is perfect for recreational and hike and fly tandem duties too ! 

Speed and mini wing pilots will also find it as an excellent safe choice with great feedback and the safety of the 5 star backprotection.

The underside has a replaceable outer cover to keep it looking great after the inevitable damage over time from tandem sliding bum landings.


Bi-PAX2 more information : Click Here ! 

Advance Paragliding Harness's   STRAPLESS 3 and STRAPLESS 3 -BI RRP AUD$595 and $690 (inc delivery) UltraLight weight compact hike and fly harness's 

The STRAPLESS 3 is a minimal hike and fly harness building on the unique design features of the original.

It weighs just 225 grams and is fully certified. It can be flown with a rucksack as well.

Options : Airbag, front reserve mount, X-Pack (backpack) 

There is also a STRAPLESS3-BI for tandem flying which features a reserve mount under the leg pads. It weighs just 420grams.




STRAPLESS 3 more info : Click Here !

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